Down to Earth

Why we are stealing from the future
and what we can do about it

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Ontaarde Beschaving pag. 157 ...

What is real sustainability?

opening hours

Website open 7:00 till 0:00 UTC

Do all websites really have to be online at all times? Without missing a lot of traffic, we can save more than 25% energy for our solar-powered server by using opening hours.

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Shell CEO Ben Burden
Is this Satire?

SHELL turns 100% Green!

BREAKING NEWS: Shell announced after the recent legal ruling on the mandatory reduction of CO2 emissions, that Shell will be a 100% green company from tomorrow on.

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forest fire

Disaster-resistant technology?

The hellish fire I experienced devastated everything in its path and showed terrifyingly how fragile the technology is on which we have made ourselves so dependent.

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Ontaarde Beschaving pag. 219...

What is the best way to save on carbon emission?

Pi server3
A Lean Machine!

Energy efficient internet?

The internet already accounts for more than 5% of global electricity consumption and threatens to become one of the major energy wasters. Something can be done about this. Read how we did that.

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petrified child
One with the Earth

What is your real body?

To what extent can you separate your body from everything that keeps it alive? How autonomous can we humans be when in nothing we do we are really independent?

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Chessboard with grain
Some simple mathematics


The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to under­stand the exponential function. As a result, we appear to never be able to intervene in time. I will explain it to you.

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Ontaarde Beschaving pag. 124...

What type of denier are you?

locust infestation
Out of balance...

A new balance, including us?

Staying within planetary boundaries means staying in balance with the worlds dynamic ecosystem. Will we be able to stop ourselves from becoming the world's terminators?

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Ontaarde Beschaving "Technologie" and pag. 173...

How can it be that mass-surveillance was already foreseen 60 years ago?

drawing of a crowd of wary people
Are we all crazy?

Insane Civilisation

It is not a sign of health if you are perfectly adapted to a deeply sick society. Only when you can fully step out of our well accepted civilisation and look at it, you can see this.

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green investments
How green and sustainable can money be?

Greener with money

With the rise of the greening of our society, a lot of money is now invested, by those who have it, in 'green' enter­prises. How can this create actual sustainability?

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in the pipeline

What does sustainability mean?

Sustainability is fashion, but hardly anyone seams to realise what it means.

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in the pipeline

Efficient cherry picking

What is the most efficient way to pick cherries? Efficiency is Thé main aspect of technology.

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in the pipeline

One child less

We are with too many people. What is the influence of one child less on our carbon emissions.

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